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It is critical to monitor the voltage levels on every battery packs to prevent voltage levels from dropping too low which can cause system failures and battery damage.  More importantly, Lithium batteries are unlike other batteries and discharge on a non-linear curve, therefore it is important not to drain any Lithium batteries to it's minimum capacity before charging as it can cause permanent damage to the battery cell.  

Western Robotics' battery monitors can prevent battery damage by giving you an early indication of your battery strength by visual LED technology feedback.


Spectrum LiPo Battery Monitor


7s Cell LiPo Battery Monitor [...]

Spectrum LiPo Battery Monitor HV


13s Cell LiPo Battery Monitor [...]

Spectrum Single Cell Battery Monitor


1s Single Cell Lithium Polymer Battery Monitor [...]

Spectrum NiCd/NiMH Battery Monitor


4/5 Cell NiCd/NiM Battery Monitor [...]

Sentinel Rx Volt Monitor


Monitors receiver voltage from 4V to 5V [...]

Sentinel Rx LiPo Battery Monitor


2s LiPo 8.4V to 6.2V Lithium Polymer Battery Monitor [...]

Spectrum HV logo with yellow pyramidSpectrum LiPo Battery Monitor banner with yellow pyramid with rainbow star on topSpectrum NiCd/NiMH Battery Monitor bannerSpectrum Single Cell LiPo Battery Monitor bannerSentinel Rx LiPo Monitor bannerSentinel Rx Volt Monitor bannerSpectrum board close up with lit bright blue LED and black heatsink with fins displayedSpectrum board close up with black finned heat sinkSpectrum LiPo Battery Monitor close up show RGB LED and electronic componentsSpectrum NiCd/NiMH Battery Monitor top veiw with DIP switch showing beside Canadian pennySpectrum NiCd/NiMH Battery Monitor close up of electronic components with RGB LEDSpectrum NiCd/NiMH Battery Monitor close up of electronic components with RGB LEDrow of LEDs on a PCB beside a one cent coinrow of leds lit green and red on circuit board beside 1 cent coin
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